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With a population of 1.2 billion, it stands as the world’s second-most populated country after China. It is home to 40 percent of the world’s poor population, with 28 percent of its people living below the poverty line. Over one third live on less that $1 a day. It is the second largest HIV positive country in the world behind South Africa, with over 4.5 million infected with the virus.

Traffic rules and regulations are almost non-existent as the natives here are used to the hustle and bustle of the big city. according to their beliefs, cows are revered as holy and allowed to roam the streets without so much as being touched. They believe that cows are a form of reincarnation and if you dare to kill one, you may be killing a relative or friend from a previous life who has come back in the form of a cow.
John Militaru Ministries along with Masihi Christian Fellowship arrived in India at the end of March 2008 led by Pastor Satvinder Sandhu, an India native who together with his wife and family left India and now live in the US. His vision has always been to reach the most remote parts of Northern India, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ with crusades held out in the open.

After a tiresome journey of over 2 days by airplane and car, we began our crusades in the center of Haryana. Due to the much opposition from city officials, our team was not permitted to advertise the crusades in this particular city so we relied heavily on word of mouth to announce our coming.
To our surprise, over 1000 precious souls came to hear the Gospel for the first time. Over 60 percent of these people were of Hindu religion. After John and the team taught from the Word of God, among many of the miracles performed was a mute man who was healed of God and could now speak for the first time even to the surprise of those who knew him well! The second night we were in this area, God brought even more to hear the Gospel. We had the opportunity to feed every soul who came to the crusades each and every night.
The following day we traveled towards Batala-Punjab which is located near the border of Pakistan. The officials in this particular city permitted the use of certain advertisements announcing our healing crusades through posters and banners through the city. For 3 days our team ministered to the people of Batala-Punjab on a sports field with an audience of over 10,000 a night. John and the rest of the team were escorted to and from their hotel rooms by a tight police force every day they were in India.

Despite all the opposition and threat the team faced at the beginning of their journey from the beliefs of the Hindu religion, by the grace of God we avoided all unexpected mishaps during our entire stay in India. More than that, toward the end of our mission, the city officials welcomed and accepted our prayers over them!
Very many souls accepted Christ in their heart during the crusades in India. Various diseases were healed, God touched the mute and they spoke, blind eyes were open, the crippled were made whole, those who couldn’t walk could now stand and move from place to place with ease. People were beginning to realize that there is one Savior and Healer, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
We are still finding out that many more of those who attended the crusades are just now giving their hearts to God each day just as we read in Acts chapter 2 verse 41, “about three thousand souls were added to them who gladly received the His word.”
With all of the miracles, signs and wonders that God performed during this successful trip to India, we encourage you to be a part of the Ministry and help us finish what we have started in India. We need prayer warriors! If you feel in your heart to participate to participate financially for the future projects of this Ministry, we are grateful to you for listening to God’s voice. Become a partner with John Militaru Ministries and help change a life today!

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