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After 13 years, John Militaru Ministries had the opportunity once again to minister to the country of Ukraine in 2007. Our vision here at John Militaru Ministries is to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the remote places all over the world that have never heard the name of Jesus. Throughout the 8 days spent in Ukraine, we held 9 crusades, out of which 3 were held out in the open despite the uncooperative weather. The other 6 were held in different churches throughout the country. Among those who accompanied the JMM team was Brother Milton Payne from the US, Pastor Georgica Balici from Bucovina and our very own overseas administrator Gore Golea.

The first few crusades took place in an evangelical Romanian church in the city of Sinauti. God gave Pastor Balici an encouraging word at this small church after which Brother Milton gave his own testimony translated by John Militaru in Romanian. After this powerful message John prayed for the sick and many were healed from their infirmities and diseased that night. Before the meeting ended, John prayed specifically for the individuals that had special prayer requests and one soul came to know Jesus for the first time.

The following day the JMM team arrived at Siscauti. This crusade was held outside of As our sound team put together all of the audio equipment and arranging the different rows of chairs, rain began to sprinkle. This however did not stop the crowd from gathering around the Word of God. To protect our equipment, umbrellas were held over the sound system and John, Brothers Milton and Balici and the local pastor began to pray for the rain to stop. Not long after praying the rain suppressed and the evangelizing began. After Brother Milton gave his testimony, John continued preaching and God blessed the entire crusade with sunny, clear skies. John began to pray over the entire congregation and the power of the Word of God was felt by every person in that meeting.

The next day was a Sunday and we arrived at a small Romanian church in the city of Vologa. As you see in this video after a word from Pastor Balici, John continued with a message from the Word and finished with specific personal prayers and many asked to be anointed with oil believing for their needs to be met.
In the afternoon of the same day we drove to a Ukrainian speaking church and had an amazing experience. Brother Milton gave his personal testimony to this church after which John began to speak on the power of the Word. Psalm 107:20 says, “He sent His Word and healed them.” During John’s ending prayer a wave of the Holy Spirit came over the congregation and touched them in such an unusual way. The entire church began to pray together, out loud, and many were healed that night from sickness and disease. Some even testified that they felt the power of God so strong that they had to open their eyes during the prayer to see if their feet were still on the ground!
Later that night we were scheduled to hold a meeting in the open air in the city of Caminca. Many Romanians live in this city and when news came of our team evangelizing in this location, many waiting for over an hour bringing with them chairs from home. We could see how thirsty this group of people was to hear the Word of God. More than that, they were anxious to hear the Word in their own language. There was no evangelical church in this particular area and we could see that they had never heard the Word of God before. It was first time they had heard the name of Jesus and we were blessed to know that John Militaru Ministries brought the Gospel to that are for the very first time. Although rain was drizzling over the crowd, they were glued to what God was about to do. Nightfall was upon us now, but the people waiting patiently until John said the sinner’s prayer with them to accept Jesus. Raising their hands toward heaven, they accepted Him into their lives for the very first time.
The following day, we arrived in Crazna, a very poor area. The Gospel had never been preached in this area either. The people of this village were not friendly or welcoming of our team and we quickly learned that this group of people lived their lives in a worldly manner. Alcohol consumption and drunkenness was a normal part of their living that they believed to be correct according to their own understanding. As we began the meeting, we encountered a few unpleasant interruptions by some of the town people but continued on with the Word of God for those who wanted to hear it. People began to be touched by the power of the Word and began to understand that this is the only way to be delivered and live a life without sin. Many experienced joy for the very first time. As they raised their hands to heaven, the spirits began to leave and a divine presence was felt through out the entire group of people. The atmosphere was instantly transformed for the better and the people of Crazna left the meeting with smiles and life on their faces. Many cried and confessed the power they felt as John prayed-a power that had never experienced before. Even though we could not do as much as we would have liked for these people, our team distributed packages of clothing and bread that we purchased specifically for them.
The next morning we had the privilege of fellowshipping in Beatanovca, The crusade was to be held outdoors but instead was moved indoors due to the rain. About 50 people gathered to hear the Word here, all of which spoke only Ukrainian. A prayer was made of the sick and diseased and many were healed from their infirmities that night. Among these were some that had never the Gospel before and chose to accept Christ in their hearts for the very first time. That evening we headed for Rozosieni to a Ukrainian speaking church. Rain was falling hard outside but people began to gather together inside for a program which lasted nearly 3 hours. God healed many sick in this church also and people were freed from different worries and anxieties they had for years. There was a special anointing in the church of Rozosieni that night, even our team felt the presence of God.
The last of crusades was held in Buda Mare. The program started at 7pm and didn’t end until 9:30 that night. This is where we experienced miraculous healings of incurable diseases, heart complications, bronchitis, rheumatism, and many were led to the Lord as a result of these miracles.
You have just witnessed the power of the Word of God that JMM had the opportunity to take to the Uraine. Our trip was successful and we give God the glory for the miracles and souls that came to know Him. Acts 19: 11 says, “Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul.”


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