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At the end of May 2010 John Militaru together along with myself Claudia and Betania Church from Ingostadt, Germany and our faithful Ukrainian Singers joined together to evangelize the town of Saliste which is near the city of Sibiu, Romania.  This vision to evangelize in Saliste was originally born in the heart of Pastor Willheim Kletter and John Militaru in the summer of 2009 when they first ministered together in the local evangelical church.The city of Saliste is surrounded by the Mountains Cibin, having the population of 6000 residents.  This area is known to be a wealthier part of the country comparing to other areas of Romania.  But it’s known to be very dry spiritually.  The people of Saliste are known to be deeply indoctrinated with the traditions of Orthodox Religion from many generations.  Being religious in their Orthodox traditions, the city has been declared as the Spiritual and Cultural Capital of the surrounding area of the city of Sibiu.  In spite of their self proclaimed religious title, the local evangelical church has less than 20 members.  There are only less than one percent (0.33%) born again Christians in Saliste.  Our team planned 4 days of evangelical crusades.  We advertised on Vocea Evangheliei Radio Sibiu and handed out invitations to the meetings.  Due to the obstacles that we encountered from the authorities we initially announced that there will be a music concert with a special message.  Our first official crusade day came on Thursday, May 27th.  Elizabeth Kletter, Claudia Militaru, Ben Igas, and Sara Kletter walked around the city and handed out flyers announcing day and time of our crusades.

At the start of the Thursday night service we encountered a problem, we had no electricity.  Someone had locally shut off the electricity to the entire city.  But Praise God we had a generator and the message was heard and received loud and clear!!  In addition to the electricity issue, we encounter many other obstacles during the days of evangelizing including threats of rain storms everyday.  We could literally see rain clouds forming above us ready to downpour on our meetings at any moment, But miraculously God cleared the storm from above us.We also had the opportunity to visit the convalescent hospital in Saliste.  There are approx 80 patients in this hospital.  Despite being warned by the head nurse not to preach or share our faith with them our team discreetly shared and laid hands on each of them while handing them a small gift.   And later that evening the crusades continued in the church yard in Saliste.In addition to the Friday’s hospital visit and evening crusade, we were invited to participate in a special church service at Emanuel Church in Sibiu.  Our team joined them in fasting and praying for a spiritual awakening for the Nation of Romania and for the sick and oppressed.  The church asked us to anoint and pray specifically over the sick in the congregation.  The presence of God was so powerful that many were healed from back pain, arthritis, stomach conditions, heart conditions, oppression, depression and so on.  We give God the glory for all miracles!We originally planned to hold the meetings in the local city park in Saliste, but we had much opposition from city hall.  Finally on Saturday night we obtained the necessary permits to hold our meetings in the city park.  Before the service began, John and Willheim walked around the park cleaning the area.  In-addition many of the locals here were scared to attend our meetings because of the threats they received from their priests.  But the presence of God was so powerful that people would listen from afar while hiding just to hear the message of the Gospel.On Sunday morning we had the opportunity to visit the small village of Prislop near Sibiu.  There was a sweet, gentle anointing felt in this local church yard.  John had not even begun to speak or pray and the people in this area were already feeling God’s healing power just listening to the music.  After the service John and Pastor Willheim anointed the sick and laid hands on the oppressed.  So many precious people were touched and healed at this village.

We were invited to speak at the Sunday evening service at Emanuel Church where Pastor Willheim brought a word of encouragement and warning about the end times we are living in.  Afterwards John also spoke regarding how to apply the word of God over lives.  I can honestly say thru my personal experience I can see how God is pouring out a new fresh anointing in this Ministry.  I feel like this is the beginning of not only a new decade but new direction in JMM.  I’m so blessed to have been apart of the healing miracles this spring and as the director of the children’s ministry that takes place every dec for Christmas.  We saw so many precious people that were touched and healed this spring in Romania.  JMM’s mission is to spread the Gospel, that incorruptible seed to every part of the world.  Many lost souls were touched this spring by the incorruptible seed by the word and it would have not been possible without your support thru your financial seed and prayerful support.  Many were healed and found the true love of Jesus in their hearts.  We extend our gratitude to all of our faithful partners who have made it possible to once again send us over seas.

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