There was a dear woman who gave her testimony a few months ago. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer and was told she had about one month to live. She came home and began to think about all she needed to do before she died. Her father, a Christian man, told her this, “You have two choices here. You can wait to die or you can choose to live. The choice is yours.” She took hold of her daddy’s words and started to speak words of life over her body. She began to speak God’s promises over herself 5-8 times every single day! The WORDS of God became her medicine. She didn’t quit. She wasn’t moved by what was happening in her physical body. Her physical body was being eaten by cancer but her words were restoring the natural course of the disease. After about a month of speaking ONLY life over her body daily, she went back to the Doctor and had more tests done. She tested negative for cancer! She was completely healed within that month because she chose life. She didn’t see or feel a difference in her physical body whatsoever. But the words were working.

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