We have an amazing testimony from a precious 92 year old woman who has been watching our programs for many years.  When John was praying in one of the programs, he told those watching to put their hand where they had pain.  He told them to repeat after him, commanding any pain and sickness in their body to leave in Jesus name.  She renounced the pain in her shoulder and commanded it to leave in Jesus name!  Since that day, she has had no more pain.  She is clear minded and full of energy!  She continues to stay in the promise of Psalm 92 verse 14 that says, Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.  Why is it so important for her to continue staying in the Word daily?  So she can remain immovable, rooted in the Word and keep her healing!  We can’t become lazy after we receive our healing or miracle by forgetting to stay in the promises of the Word.  When God does answer our prayers, we honor Him by continuing to stay in His Word and in prayer, and this only comes through discipline!

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