Over a year ago, a gentleman from Europe contacted our Ministry and asked John to pray for his father who was paralyzed. John asked this gentleman if his father was a believer and his response was, “no.” John prayed in agreement with this man that his father would accept the Lord because his salvation is most important.  On Christmas day 2020, this gentleman called us back to give us an update on his father.  His father had a dream of Jesus with His arms wide open saying to him, “I have been waiting for you for such a long time with open arms to accept Me in your heart.”  His father was so moved by that dream that he immediately accepted Christ and was baptized in water shortly after! He has not been healed in his body yet, but his son tells us that his father is full of joy and peace every single day and is still believing God for his healing.  We give God ALL the glory for his miraculous vision and this new soul that was transferred into this Kingdom of heaven!

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