A little over a year ago, John prayed with a man over the phone. He called our prayer line and told us that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and had an appointment to have a mastectomy. John prayed a prayer in agreement with him, believing that God would heal his wife. At the time this man called our prayer line, he was not saved. He was a doctor of psychology and a self-proclaimed atheist. This man was obedient and laid his hands on his wife while John prayed over her. During the prayer he felt an unusual heat sensation in his hand which went through his wife’s entire body. In the following weeks, when she was taken in before her surgery, the doctors could NOT find the cancer anymore! It was completely gone and she is COMPLETELY healed to this day!

John had the privilege of meeting both of them face to face in France during this trip! They travel  over 100 miles to see him. We are happy to report that they are now both serving the Lord Jesus and will be baptized in water soon! We serve a MIGHTY GOD!

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