Last month we told you about a young man in France who was doubled over like the woman in Luke 13. After John prayed in agreement for his healing, he was able to stand up straight for the

first time in over 30 years! But there’s more to his story! This precious young man, and new believer, received another miracle. He was scheduled for hip surgery last month because for the last 13 years his hip bone was being eaten away due to his posture. He decided to go in and have the doctors take another x-ray of his hip after the prayer in agreement. To the doctor’s surprise, there was NEW bone in the place of the old and he no longer needed a hip replacement! God is so good! We praise Him for this created miracle! We have received pictures of the x-ray before, when it was eaten away, and after

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. And you can clearly see that he indeed received a new bone!

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