Just this last weekend there was a couple who called our prayer line from a Romanian hospital. The woman, along with three other women, were admitted to the hospital for COVID.  She was familiar with our prayer line from our television programs and reached out for prayer for herself and the three other women.  We prayed a very short prayer in agreement since the nurses and doctors were coming in shortly to do their rounds.  John and Alexandra led them in a prayer to renounce every symptom of COVID and declare healing over all four women in Jesus’ name!  The next day we received an email from the woman who called.  The first woman testified that she felt an unusual warmth come over her feet which lasted all day long.  The second woman tested negative for COVID and was immediately released from the hospital.  The third woman is still admitted in the hospital but continues to watch our television programs on healing and confesses that she is healed and made whole.  The woman who called the prayer line is still in the hospital but remains confident she is healed in Jesus’ name!  This is the power of prayer!

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