From the very beginning of our Ministry, we have allowed the Holy Spirit to guide us and we have followed His sweet instructions. A specific story we want to share with you is one before we entered into this Ministry. The year was 1987 and we were living in Southern California. We had a business and it was very successful. We were working day in and day out to support our family of five. We knew that God had brought us to America and that we had a calling on our lives. One day, in the late afternoon when John was at work, Alexandra was by herself at home with the kids cleaning the house, when the Lord spoke to her clearly and told her, “Do you remember why I protected your life and brought you to this land of freedom?” She replied, “To preach the Gospel, Lord.” Then the Lord told her, “Start packing your home as soon as possible and be ready to leave when I give you further instructions.” The Lord brought them to Northern California in a short period of time. From there, step by step, the Lord directed them to the location where the Ministry was born, Placerville, CA. The Lord still continues to guide and direct their footsteps today, daily!

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