August – September 2021 Newsletter

That is good news! Jesus said although we are certain to face tribulation, trials and distresses in this world, He deprived the world of the power to harm us!  And even though we see plenty of chaos in the Middle East, division here in the States and around the world over vaccine mandates and lockdowns along with natural disasters popping up everywhere, we must  remember our TRUST is in the Lord and nothing will harm us!  As we write this newsletter today, we are currently in the midst of a natural disaster ourselves.  Our home and Ministry are currently being threatened by the Caldor fire that has quickly burned over 82K acres as of today.  The fire is only a few miles away from our home but GOD!  We have been faithful and diligent to anoint the area around our home every year and even up to a 20 mile radius from our home, praying for divine protection and provision over that entire area!  We know when we do our part (praying, anointing and declaring Psalm 91 over our “dwelling”), God definitely does His!… read more

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