JMM is thankful for you!  You are like family to us and we want you to know you’re loved, cherished and appreciated so much!  Because of YOU, we’re able to reach the lost and hopeless.  You are a vital part of this mission that the Lord has called us to do on earth and we never take partners and friends like you for granted!  If you’re in the states and are celebrating Thanksgiving this month, we hope that you enjoy a great meal together with friends and loved ones full of laughter and joy!  And remember, if you’re going through a hard time right now, don’t take your focus off of the Word!  Stay fixed on the PROMISE not the problem.  God will surely come through for you.  He loves you so much!  We are His inheritance; his most prized possession and He calls us highly favored!

 Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends here in America!

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