In May, John spent two weeks overseas in Sweden and France. He was in Sweden for a week where he has had the privilege of ministering to the people since 2013. He then went to Lyon, France into new territory where the Lord is opening new doors for JMM! One soul gave their life to the Lord and was baptized in water.

This trip was proof that God still performs signs and wonders! John met a young man in France who was doubled over like the woman in Luke 13. John prayed with him and he was able to stand up straight for the first time in over 30 years! His mother is a faithful viewer of JMM and she brought her son, along with her entire family, to be prayed over by John. They took her to a local river to be baptized! The Lord touched all the members of her family but especially her son who had been bent over for so many years and was completely healed!

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