June 2021 Newsletter

June is such an exciting month, isn’t it?  This is our halfway mark of the year, summer is right around the corner and everyone is starting to enjoy warmer weather with family and friends.  But like we talked about last month, there is a lot happening in our world today and time doesn’t slow down for anyone or anything.  That’s why it’s so important to be fully equipped in the days ahead!  How do we stay fully equipped?  By being armed with the Word and Holy Spirit.  Last month we mentioned how the Day of Pentecost is celebrated around the world 50 days after Jesus’ Resurrection.  We’ll dig a little deeper this month into the significance of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit is still relevant today ….. read more


One of those times was in Romania in 1990 during one of our first yearly summer crusades. Before our crusade started, the mayor of the city warned us that a group of people had already planned an attack on us and that if anything in the city became damaged, we would be responsible to pay for it.  We told him that we believed God would turn the situation around because we came into the city to bring peace, not violence and harm.  He responded by saying that he had washed his hands of any future attacks against us and he left.  At the beginning of our crusade, there were rumors going around that people were coming to attack us with cans of gasoline and stones.  Can you imagine our situation?  There were already 1500 people gathered and eager to hear the Gospel for the first time and now we’re hearing rumors that a mob of attackers were coming our way!  All we could do was begin praying in the Spirit because we were at a loss for words.  But the Holy Spirit is never at a loss for words!  We decided not to operate in fear but in faith, believing that God would come through and demonstrate His glory!

John continued with the crusade and Alexandra was instructed by the Holy Spirit to go to the van, roll up the window, close the doors and begin to pray in the Spirit.  She literally saw a group of about 100 men approaching our meeting carrying cans of gasoline and stones to stone us.  She continued to pray in tongues as the Holy Spirit gave her utterance.  Suddenly a group of men that were in the meeting listening to the message, rose up and offered to help protect us and our equipment.  They went and stood next to our equipment and surrounded the area until it was over.  Needless to say, the mob that came to attack us didn’t lay a hand on us, or on anyone who attended the crusade, and didn’t destroy any part of the city.  The mob that came to attack us was so touched by the message of the Gospel that they put down their gas and stones, raised their hands and confessed the sinner’s prayer!


And I will pray the Father, andHe will give you anotherHelper, that He may abide with you forever— 17 the Spirit of truth,whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with youand will be in you. 18 I will not leave you orphans;I will come to you. John 14:16-17

Our Passion

JMM is an evangelistic Ministry, going into areas where the Gospel of Jesus has never been heard before

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. We have been able to send relief supplies,  establish our Children’s Ministry,  and hold annual crusades out in the open air sharing the messsage of Jesus each year since 1990.

John also preaches as an Evangelist in many churches across America sharing highlights from current crusades and offering ways for people to get connected with JMM… read more >

Do you still believe in miracles?

We, too, are standing firm on the promises of God’s Word here at JMM!  We still need to update and upgrade some television and sound equipment.  We are in need of an editor and technician.  But we know we serve a mighty God and there are no limits with Him.  He never changes or casts a shifting shadow (James 1:17).  Please stand with us believing God will provide all that we need in this Ministry so we can reach multitudes for the precious Kingdom of God.  People need to hear about the name of Jesus.  People need to be saved, restored and delivered by the power of the name of Jesus.  That’s what this Ministry is all about. It’s all for His glory!